The AmericanSlideshow Council on Addiction and Alcohol Problems (ACAAP) provides the forum and the mechanism through which concerned persons can find common ground on alcohol and other drug problems and address these issues with a united voice.

It is the successor organization to the American Temperance League and the Anti-Saloon League established in 1895. The membership of ACAAP is presently made up of state temperance organizations, national Christian denominations and other fraternal organizations that support ACAAP’s philosophy of abstinence.

The Board of Directors which governs the organization is made up of representatives from the state affiliates plus a number of religious denominations, fraternal organizations and other groups which cooperate in this work.

American Council on Addiction and Alcohol Problems
2376 Lakeside Drive, Birmingham, AL 35244
American Council on Addiction and Alcohol Problems is the channel of cooperation through which state temperance organizations, national religious bodies and similar concerned groups in America can unite to deal with the problems caused by alcohol and other drugs.

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2376 Lakeside Drive