An Easter Point of View


If I were God and had to work out a plan for drawing humankind’s attention from the basement of worries over food, shelter and clothing, to the attic of faith and devotion, I think I would have chosen a different way than to hang my Champion-Son on a cosmopolitan tree.

Admit it.  Even all of the excitement generated over the Easter news of the Resurrection cannot completely remove the barbs from our feelings about Christ dying on the cross.  We happen to want our victories to be clear and concise.  Let them be sure from the outset.  Let them be painless and let them avoid all hint of suffering in the achievement.

My problem is my outlook.  I view the picture in terms of life and death.  God looks at it in terms of death and life.  In fact, that’s the Easter point of view.  And it works!

Do you believe it?  You can if you will not allow your conclusions to get in the way of God’s facts.  For he uses death, defeat, and despair to announce the glorious news that, when everyone is sure the last thing has been said, He has more to say.

A little girl was sure she knew her Bible better than anyone else in her Sunday school class.  When one of her classmates was reciting the books of the Bible, she broke in and announced, “The Bible doesn’t end with Timothy; it ends with Revolutions!”

I pray that you may discover the Easter point of view that revolutions happen when life begins in death!

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