Cooperation - A Game Plan for Life

There are some truths that work and cooperation is a leading principle that should be a part of our game plan for life.  Sure, competition is evident everywhere we go.  But this kind of win-lose lifestyle eventually disintegrates into a destructive design.  Often we compromise to just get by but that too doesn't get the job done.  When we begin to feel burned out or burned up we often become complacent.  This may cause us to capitulate, to quit and then stop all of our efforts - we come to the end of ourselves and we experience a cancellation.

The point I am trying to make is no matter what last-year was and how you may have ended the calendar, this year can be a time of transformation and renewal.  You can be a part of a winning team effort.  No matter where you are or what the past has been it's never too late for a new beginning.

Be sensitive to the potential of a fresh outlook.  Don't be overcome with remorse or regret.  Be aware of a mutually productive perspective with those in your work place.  Let's work together to encourage and affirm those throughout our organization.

Be supportive as we bond together to accomplish in unity what may not be done individually.  Defending our cause, taking up for each other is the cement that bonds us and brings success.

Be sensible, use just plain old common sense to be positive, powerful and productive.  Good leaders are sometime perceived to be hard-driven when what you may seek is to motivate others to be more productive.  Being sensible, using common sense is a must in making this your best year ever.  Get smart, make a new start.  Let us at ACAP stand together and know that when the times are difficult we can count on each other for support and encouragement.

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