Under normal circumstances one never forgets anything.  The human brain functions as a high-fidelity recorder, putting on tape every experience from the time of birth and possibly before.  A person uses only about ten percent of his twelve billion brain cells in normal everyday operations.  The remainder of those cells serve as banks into which are stored memories of every single word, smell, touch, taste, thought, emotion and dream you have experienced.

Things that cause too much pain or distress to recall, a person just pushes back over the threshold of consciousness.  Often we need to make a conscious effort to remember some things we would just as soon forget.

The whole world was stunned when a few year ago two professors at Emory University, in the department of religion, announced that God is dead.  These men said that it was no longer necessary to believe in God because modern science can explain most of the known universe without reference to a divine being.  Further, they said, it was no longer possible to believe in God because current science has shown that nothing is real unless one can weigh, measure, look at and test it.  Also, they added, it is no longer meaningful to believe in God because man “has come of age”; out-grown the childish myths of heaven, hell, creation and a creator.  Therefore, concluded these theorists, God is dead and died in our current era.

As much as I disagree with both of these individuals and their conclusion, I must admit for millions of people God is dead – or may as well be dead for all the attention they pay Him.  God may exist, but these people want Him to stay out of their lives and leave them alone!

He who would be wise will live every moment of every day in the conscious awareness that we are to work a concentrated effort to acknowledge God in all our ways with the awareness that someday we will give an account of every deed and “hidden thing” unto Him.

He who would be wise must make a deliberate effort to remember.

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