The Year for Accountability!

As a car owner, I periodically take my automobile in for maintenance.  This check-up ensures the smooth performance of my mode of transportation.  Without it how limited I would be.  Every year I have a complete physical check-up to make sure everything is in proper working condition.  In addition to a physical exam I watch my diet and do exercises to care for my well being.  This is preventive medicine.

So often the thing that goes wrong with my care or my body is the result of one key issue - neglect.  No maintenance, no check-up.  No accountability.  Boy, that's a very significant word.  As we begin this new year it's a good time to do a "check-up" in our relationships, work accountability and preventive maintenance for our productivity.

Accountability is a facet of every life.  We need this in our marriages, homes and the workplace.  For our professional lives we do not just drop in on Monday morning when we so desire.  There is a certain time with a certain number of hours and often a quota of accomplishment  - our output is in large part dependent on accountability.

Accountability motivates insight.  There is something important about realizing that someday we will have to give an account of ourselves to someone about what we have or have not done.  The result is that we become more conscientious about our investment of time, energy and resources.  In this new year let's become more truthful, transparent and touchable as we seek to be faithful unto our God and fellowmen.
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