Through the Eyes of a Child

During this Christmas season I have decided to look at everything through the eyes of a child: the tree, the lights, the songs, the smells, the brightly colored presents, the decorated houses - everything.  Lost in the wonder of it all, I believe a child would whisper five simple requests:

1. Slow Down - The special joy of Christmas is spending extra time with folks you love.
2. Stay Home - Popcorn enjoyed in front of the fireplace and look at the lights on the tree.  Home is the place to be.  Children love the security and solitude of that retreat.  Spend your time at home this Christmas.
3. Tell Stories - Storytelling has almost been discarded from our modern scene.  Nevertheless, the child in all of us urges, "Tell me a story."  Don't forget the original Christmas story.
4. Have Fun - Joy becomes the season.  Every child loves to play.  So play!  Let's take our cues from the young and do things that will bring back the joy.
5. Give Yourself - Sure is easy to substitute store-bought things for the gen-u-ine thing - YOU..  Think of ways to extend expressions of yourself to folks who could use encouragement.

These suggestions are neither sophisticated nor expensive, but since when do children care about either?

You'll be glad you made this Christmas a child's Christmas. 
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