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Support for Total Abstinence Projects

The Pennsylvania Prohibition Committee has money available to support total abstinence projects in Pennsylvania.  Proposals are invited, from anyone.  Some possibilities include:  developing teaching materials, campaigning for local option elections, and historical preservation.  Grants will be in the range of $5000.

Interested persons and organizations should submit a brief outline of the intended work, the name and qualifications of the project director, and an estimate of cost to the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Prohibition Committee, James Hedges, Box 212, Needmore, Pennsylvania 17238 (or to

The Foundation for Alcohol Education has funding available for organizations that educate young people about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Click here for information.

Foundation for Alcohol Education (Massachusetts)

Stephen Walsh, Secretary-Treasurer for the Foundation for Alcohol Education, noted the following articles in his report at the 2013 Annual Board meeting of ACAP.

Foundation for Alcohol Education (Massachusetts) Funds the "Improbable Players" who present performances on the subject of Substance Abuse:

Kentucky League on Alcohol & Gambling Problems

Rev. Donald Cole, Executive Director, presented the following alcohol fact sheet at the 2013 Annual Board meeting.  Click here for the report Rev. Cole gave to the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems (ILCAAAP)
Click here for the ILCAAAP report given by Anita Bedell, Executive Director.  Mrs. Bedell also gave out the following brochure, Pray for the Children.

ALCAP (Alabama Citizens Action Program)

Dr. Joe Godfrey, Executive Director, gave a report on the 2013 Alabama Legislative Session.  Click here for a copy of Dr. Godfrey's report.  Click here to be directed to the ALCAP website.

Christian Action League of North Carolina

Dr. Mark Creech, Executive Director, gave a report on the 2013 North Carolina State Assembly.  Click here to be directed to the Christian Action League website for a report.

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