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The American Council on Addiction Alcohol Problems (ACAAP) coordinates the actions of its member organizations in national legislative and educational efforts. ACAAP also serves as a clearinghouse for ideas and information sharing among its members, and provides research materials and technical assistance.

The benefits of affiliation with ACAAP include:

  • Identity as part of a unified national voice advocating abstinence.
  • Membership in a fellowship of mutual support designed to encourage, edify, and equip leaders who deal with alcohol problems.
  • Annual two-day national Board of Directors meeting featuring prominent experts speaking on alcohol policy issues; “How-to" workshops and seminars; reports from state, denominational, and fraternal affiliates; and networking with leaders in alcohol problems field.
  • National periodical: The American Issue
  • National public awareness programs (in cooperation with other agencies).
  • Citizenship and lobbying activities.
  • Educational program development.

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American Council on Addiction and Alcohol Problems
2376 Lakeside Drive
Birmingham AL 35244 US